Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This past weekend. Patrick and I celebrated a couple birthdays. On Friday we got dressed up and went out with some friends for Lang's 24th birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANG! Lang is one of Patrick's best friends. I'm thankful that the Lord has given Patrick great friends like Lang who be will lifelong friends (we hope!). Here are some pictures from our evening:

The whole group (sorry its kind of dark)

The girls side of the table (L-R: Alex(my neighbor and sweet friend), me, and Caroline(Lang's girlfriend)

And the boy's side (L-R: Jason, Lang (birthday boy), Patrick (my husband), and Clint (Alex's husband and good friend of ours))

Then on Saturday I headed down to my hometown for my nephew's 2nd birdthday party. Myles has grown up so fast in the last couple months. He's gone from barely saying one word to now saying full sentences in only a few months. HAPPY BIRHTDAY MYLES!

Myles got mad at all of us for singing "happy birthday". He put on his mad face and growled "stop singing!"

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  1. Haha! That's funny.

    Did Lang have the same reaction when you guys sang to him?