Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day

I know this is late, but I want to remember it, so I'll post it however late I want.
Our friends from church had a Memorial Day cookout at their house and invited a lot of friends from church. It was great to get to hang out and enjoy good conversations as well as good food. And be entertained by tons of little kids. Everyone there had a child or was pregnant with their first. It's funny how you go through the different stages of your life. A year and a half ago it was the newly married stage. Everyone we met (k most everyone we met) were newly married. Now its baby season and everyone is popping out the babies. Here are a few pics of the babies from that day.
A few of these mommas have great blogs as well. Check them out.


  1. LOVE the pics! Better late than never my friend!

  2. Oh my goodness- such a great pic of Danielle & Mady! And Harper in her lil bow & bloomers! So cute! THanks for posting these Hannah!

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