Wednesday, June 30, 2010

17 wks update

I was 17 weeks yesterday.

I've been feeling the baby move a lot today. This is really neat and makes me oh so happy.

My calves and feet have been on the verge of cramping for like the last 3 days now. Thankfully no real charlie horses yet.

My face does not have a glow. It has many bumps.

On the sick note, I got sick Friday and Saturday.

Patrick and I are going to a concert tonight on the waterfront. It's a beautiful day!

Patrick likes the name Nadia for a girl. He told me to think about it. My immediate response is/was NO. I feel like if we named our kid Nadia her name would stand out weird from all our other kids names. I mean the names I tend to like are: Noah, Abigail, Canaan, Ruth, James, Isaac... Nadia (sounds weird huh).

p.s. you better agree with me! this is my blog and I'm pregnant!


  1. Haha! yes this is your blog and your pregnant, you can do what you want to! Hmm, I'm not sure if I like it because I am unsure of how you pronounce it. First reaction is like you, I don't like it. But you never know. I most certainly did not like Tillman, then it grew on me. Maybe you could let it fester a few days and then state your opinion.

  2. haha! It is hard to name your baby.....mainly because there are so many cute names and then you and your husband must agree! It's also alot of fun tho! BTW, I love Caanan. We thought about that name for Colton:)

  3. Nadie is a beautiful name if you ask me. It sounds like Lydia!! What ever name you pick it will be perfect because your baby will be so adorable. I imagine a darling baby girl with dark long eye lashes that smiles all the time who's name could be Nadia!! Whatta think? Love you hannah and miss you clark

  4. Hannah, I would have to agree with you. Sorry Patrick. I already have myself a full list of names that I wold like to one day name my children. Four of them you named are on there....but not Nadia. Tell Patrick that Abigail means 'Father's Joy' in Hebrew. Maybe he will look at it differently after knowing that. :)Love you and miss you.

    P.S. I'm sure you are God's grace you're holding a new life inside of you.

  5. I think Nadia sounds rather pretty too, but I see what you mean about how it goes with the rest of the names you like - that's so exciting that you're 17 weeks! When do you find out the gender?