Friday, June 11, 2010

Kirby in the Park

Kirby and I went on a walk in the park last night.

I downloaded all my recent photos from our camera last night... didn't realize how many things I have not posted about. That means there's about to be photo overload on the blog. But probably not until Saturday because we have a wedding to go to tonight!!!! Jonathon and Emily are getting MARRIED!!!!

Praise the Lord it's Friday! I'm ready for some sunshine time!

p.s. my sister started a blog not too long ago, CHECK IT OUT

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  1. Hannah,
    I love your photography! If you need another subject, please don't hesitat to call. Our family is in desperate need of family photos! My daughter is graduating from highschool on Saturday at the Frankfort Center thingy whatever it is called. She is graduation with High Distinction and Honors. She is the 2nd generation to graduation!! We are so proud. I am so sorry you are puking!! Yes every pregnancy is different! My first was textbook!! The 2nd, my daughter (clue) was anything but textbook! At the beginning of my 4th month I started puking! Other crazy things happened. That's when I knew she was a girl, nothing but drama! 18 years later and not a thing has changed!! Be blessed!!