Tuesday, January 3, 2012

18 weeks

I finally remembered to have Patrick snap a picture of the growing belly. I was 18 weeks yesterday. I have been feeling so much better (although I did have one incident of getting sick on new year's eve but I think that was because I stayed up too late). I am thankful for the relief of nausea. I have some friends who are in the early stages of pregnancy and are having awful times with vomiting and just feeling yuck.


I forgot to post about my 16 week check up. Everything looked and sounded great. The baby's heartbeat was found oh so much quicker than last time which made me breathe easier. The heartbeat was in the 150's I believe. I weighed in at 119 which means I have gained a total of 5 lbs.

I feel like in the last two weeks or so I have started showing a lot more. I still get the looks of are you just eating too much around the holidays or do you have a baby in there. That baby is definitely growing though... I'm feeling more and more kicks and every day. I have been trying to feel them on the outside so that Patrick can feel them but no luck so far.

We go on the 18th of this month to find out the sex of the baby. CAN'T WAIT!!! 15 more days!

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  1. Oh Hannah! I am SO excited for you! I am also glad that the nausea has been easier for you this time around. Glad to hear that the family is doing well. Maybe we can catch up some time when we're in the area. I would love to talk to you about Southern sometime!!
    Miss you dearly!