Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Are you in a community? Not just like a neighborhood. A community of people who know you and you know them? People who you can share things with and know that they wont judge you. Not because they're just nice people but because they know that they are rotten nasty people too. We don't just get together and talk about how bad we are though, we also talk about how good the Lord is and remind each other who we are in Him.
At our church we have gospel community groups. Group of 15 or so gather in each others homes to eat, pray, talk, get to know each other, and have some fun.


Our community group meets pretty much once a week. One week we'll get together and discuss the sermon we just heard while we share a family style meal. We'll talk about how the sermon that day applies to our lives and then pray that the Lord would help us. The next time we meet as guys and girls. The guys tend to go do something active or watch a ball game. Us girls tend to just get together and talk and maybe eat some dessert:). The third week we all get together and do something fun like have a game night, play ultimate football, or have a bon fire. Then for the fourth time we meet separately as boys and girls.


I love our community group. These people are becoming very dear to me. I enjoy getting to see them and hear how they are doing. They care for our family and we for theirs.


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  1. i MISS this community!! praise the Lord for community in Christ!