Monday, August 29, 2011

9 months

Lydia turned 9 months last Sunday. I was waiting to do this post until we had gone to the doctor and had all her updates stats.

Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz (yup she's a CHUNK!)
Height: 28 inches

She's in the 65%tile for both height and weight.
This little 9 monther is a bundle of joy. She is surprising us every day with new things.
Here are a few of the things she is doing lately

-She is a fast scooter. Every once in a while she'll actually get up on her hands and knees and crawl the normal way, but I think because she is so fast at the other way she wont ever really get the "crawl." We'll see.
-She is pulling up on everything.
-She still has two teeth but I think she's cutting more. Normally I think kids get the top two teeth but it kind of looks like Lydia may be getting her lateral incisors (the ones right next to her bottom middle).
-She is taking a bottle and I am weaning.
-Part of her pulling up on everything is her pulling herself up in the crib. This has been a fun trial for nap times. Suddenly her naps have not been so great. BUMMER.
-She says Ba Ba (for bye bye). She sometimes adds a arm wave.
-When she wakes up or comes into the room she'll often say Ha (Hi). I love it.
-We've started disciplining her (by smacking her little hand and saying "no") for touching cords. She is learning. I can now say "Lydia don't touch that...mommy said no" and she will sometimes touch it but other times she'll turn around and come to me (or go to a toy).
-Lydia is still really friendly and happy. She'll generally go to anyone. She is very flexible...even if she is totally messed up on naps and her routine, she'll usually be happy and offer smiles freely. We are thankful for this chilled baby.


Her schedule has been changing (because of us going through the weaning process). Here is what it basically looks like.
7:30-8:00 she wakes up and has milk
8:30 solids
9:15-11:30 nap
12:00 solids and milk
2:30 nap
6:00 solids
7:00 milk
7:30 bed time

So in the weaning process the first feeding I dropped was her dream feed. I was worried she'd wake up hungry but she didn't...she was just chunking up on that dream feed.


Happy 9 months Lydia!


  1. Your pictures of Lydia are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hannah, come visit me...miss you and I want to hold your adorable, chunky, Lydia!!!
    love you guys lots
    Kim Clark and fam

  3. she's a cutie pie for sure! i can't figure out how to get my pictures displayed similar to the way yours are...with multiple ones bunched together. haven't played around with it too much, but any tips would be appreciated!