Saturday, July 23, 2011

8 months

Lydia is 8 months old. It really is hard for us to believe. For a while I was thinking that a year is 10 months. I know I know. I know a year has 12 months but for some reason I kept thinking Lydia was only 2 months away from a year. I started to freak out. Then I remembered. 12 months... I still have 4 months. Which really doesn't seem like that many.
She is a sweet ball of a MESS. I know that sentence didn't make any sense. Lydia is scooting. She is even able to maneuver herself over things. like my legs.

She has 1 tooth that is still hard to get a good glimpse at but is definitely there and then another one that is about to break through.
***If you look closely in some of these pictures you can see that little toofers***
and because of those teeth we are seeing this face more than often.
I think her schedule is still the same as last time. I need to check. The brief story is she is napping twice a day and nursing 4x a day. She eats solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Spitting up as much as ever (4 times while I was taking her pictures this morning...I only took pictures of 2 of those times)
She has just started to say Ba Ba (Bye Bye) when we ask her to and she even gives an uncontrolled hand/arm wave. Clapping has also emerged onto her list of things she can do. It's still not super controlled but she does it. (I think the last picture in this sequence is the best because she totally missed)
Patrick's summary of Lydia's stage right now: "Every day a new world presents itself to her and she steps to the edge of it and throws herself into the unknown."

See what I get for asking him to participate in my blog...nonsense :) Thanks Patrick!
Although she hasn't reached the developmental stage of knowing that if she crawls right off the bed it's going to hurt. (Is that depth perception?) Anyway a few times I have held onto her foot and just watched to see if she'd really try and crawl off the bed to get our alarm clock. YUP. She would have face planted had I not had her foot.

Lydia has a rat tail. Patrick wants to trim it to make it straight... I say it's natural so lets just let her rat tailish hair keep on growing!

and we'll leave you with a few videos from this month.
here she is saying good night to daddy. she is usually so good and just laying down and going right to sleep

and here is a day with all 3 kids (my niece and nephew)

talking with daddy

scooting action

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