Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear Little One

I often sit and wonder what you'll look like. Are you going to be as chubby as your Dad and I? Will you have our complexion and hair color? Will you have brown eyes or shock us with some color? I know all these things are set and wondering wont do me much good. I also know of other things that are already set for you.

Your days. They are numbered. Not by me or any of my imaginings but better than that, they are numbered by the Lord. He already knows the number of hairs on that head of yours. He knows everything about you. What a comfort. I don't have to worry or fear. He is the one knitting you together in that womb of mine.

I pray you'll learn to love Him. I pray He turns your heart, that will seem so innocent, from stone to flesh. Give you ears to see the wonders of His love. Faith to believe the promises of His grace. I pray you wont hold to the glitterings of this world but that you'll cling with all your might to Him and the hope He has set before us.

Oh that you would have a tender heart that is full of love for others. That you wouldn't be proud and stubborn like your mom but full of humility and grace like your Maker. I hope you wont live to please your Dad and I but that you would live to the delight of the King. I pray that all the knowledge in the world would not satisfy you like knowing the forgiveness and salvation given by God for yourself.

I pray your Dad and I would be filled with great grace as we enter this season of parenting you. That we would lean not on our own understanding but on the mighty maker of heaven and earth. My He fill us with His wisdom.

We love you already and can't wait to meet you.

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