Tuesday, October 19, 2010

33 wks

It's getting closer and closer. I had my appointment yesterday.

I weighed in at 142 lbs (making 24 lbs gained total)
My blood pressure has returned to it's normal self at 92/50
Little girl's heat beat was in the 130's
Belly measured 34 cms... (I grew 4 cm in 2 wks...whoa!)

I'm still feeling fine. I have back pain and heart burn often but nothing too unmanagable. I guess I can deal with those for 7 more weeks.

We put together the crib last night and I put on all the bedding.. TOO CUTE! As Patrick and I were putting it together he said something like "this is weird it makes it feel really REAL" and I totally agree. Now that I have a crib in a room waiting for this child I'm getting fairly anxious. Ready to meet this little girl (and decide on her name!).

Along with putting a crib together I crocheted some cute little hair bows for her and a head band... pictures will be coming.

It's tuesday. I'm 33 wks. It's a beautiful fall day out!

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