Friday, May 4, 2012

baby update

I'd been feeling like I wasn't getting much done lately. Didn't really feel ready for the baby but didn't really feel motivated to do much either. Wednesday that changed. All of the sudden I was motivated. Wanted to get the bookshelves out of Lydia's room so we could put in the toddler bed. Not only did I want to get the bookshelves out, I wanted to box up all the books rearrange the room and get those bookshelves out of our house all together. So I got to work. Lifting books (heavy books), putting them in boxes, lifting those boxes, moving (empty but still heavy) bookshelves to different rooms. I also walked over 2.5 miles because I was feeling good.

Wednesday night I woke up in the middle of the night with really bad back pain and fairly tough contractions. These continued through the day on Thursday. Patrick's mom was so sweet and came to my rescue. It was so hard for me to lift Lydia when I really just wanted to lay on the couch all day. She came over and did every thing! She took Lydia and went to the grocery store for us. She told me to sit on my bottom and she finished boxing up the books that I was so eager to have gone. (THANKS DIANE!!!)

Mid day on Thursday after taking easy and spending lots of time on the couch but still having contractions, I called the doctor just to see what they wanted me to do because I am only 35 weeks. She told me to drink 2 big glasses of water and lay on my left side while counting contractions for the next hour. If I had over 4 she wanted me to go to the hospital. I had about 2 in the first 30 min and then all of the sudden I sat up and had to run to the bathroom. Nasty VOMITTING took place. After that I had 4-5 more in the remaining 30 minutes.

When Patrick got home from work his mom took Lydia to their house so Patrick and I could head over the hospital for me to get checked out.

We concluded that I was having contractions and am 1 cm dilated. They continued to monitor me for about an hour and then checked me again. Because I hadn't dilated any further they sent me home saying I wasn't in active labor. They told me to take it easy and not to lift anymore heavy things and that they'd see me back when I was in more active labor.

My back is still sore today but not nearly as bad as Thursday. I still had some contractions today but again not nearly as bad and not as consistent. I go to my OB on Monday for my normal 36 week appointment so she will check me again and see if there has been any more progress.

It's funny how I've known all along that this baby has got to come out of me eventually. I mean that's what happens right. You don't keep a baby in there forever (thankfully)! But I still get a little anxious when I think about going through labor. Experiencing even these baby contractions has me wanting an epidural. HA I'm suck a weakling.

Not being able to lift heavy things means that I really have to limit how much I hold and carry Lydia. She is such a wiggle worm lately that it's even hard for her to sit in my lap. She flops all around and will elbow or kick my stomach (on accident) and send me into a contraction. I hate it because I know that these last few weeks of just her are precious and I want to be able to soak them up. I want to be able to hold her a while before laying her in bed at night. It's just not possible right now. It kills my back. I've been praying that the Lord would give Lydia much grace in dealing with her mommy and daddy as we adjust to having 2 kiddos.

Today my mom came up and helped with laundry and dishes and also took me out for lunch. We went and picked up some newborn diapers and a few outfits for the new babe. She bought me some new pajamas so that I'll be comfy and not so blah looking in the hospital. I'm feeling more and more prepared (house wise) for this little one.

So thankful for all the help of our sweet family! Can't wait to meet this little girl (in a week or so)

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