Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is not a happy post. I'm kind of bummed. Pretty bummed actually. Here's the story.

Valentine's Day 2010 I told Patrick not to do anything for me, we had just spent money on something and really I just wanted to spend time with him and didn't need a present. Patrick agreed... until he felt bad and felt he needed to buy me something. SO he buys me a package to a salon that will remain nameless here in town. The package seemed like a pretty sweet deal. It included 4 visits.

Visit A was all about your hair.
*Hair Design Consultation
*Designer Cut, Shampoo & Style
*Daily Conditioning Treatment
*Complimentary Beverage

Visit B is all about your skin.
*Skin Care Consultation
*30 Minute Facial (Pore Cleanse, Mask, Tone and Moisturize)
*Decollete Facial Massage
*Choice of eyebrow, chin or upper lip wax
*Complimentary Beverage

Visit C is all about your nails.
*Nail Care Consultation
*Manicure (Cleansing cuticle soak, cuticle care, nail shaping and color of your choice)
*Paraffin Hand Treatment
*Relaxing Hand Massage
*Complimentary Beverage

Visit D is all about your body.
*Consultation on the Benefits of Body Treatments
*30 Minute Relaxing Body Treatment (relaxes muscles, relieves tension and increases energy flow)
*Complimentary Beverage

Sounds great, right?? It really does. Thanks Patrick it does sound awesome... The people just lied in their advertising.

So I went a few months ago to fulfill visit A and get my hair cut. Well lets just say it wasn't the best experience. I wasn't welcomed in a very professional manner and left with a haircut I wasn't happy with.

I had thought it would be nice to use the other visits later on in my pregnancy when I was bigger and couldn't quite get to my toes and finger nails and a facial might be useful to relieve some of the swelling thats sure to happen in my face. Well that wont work because the thing expires on August 18th... So a week or more ago I start calling trying to get in for a few of these visits. I pretty much gave up on the massage seeing as its not too comfy to lay on my stomach anymore (I should've used this earlier!). I called and played phone tag with a lady to schedule my nail appointment for 5 days or so. Finally had it scheduled for today at 12:45 (my lunch break). I show up at 12:45 and am hardly welcomed by anyone. 30 minutes later I was told I could go on back and Sherry (made up name) would be right with me. I get back there and Sherry is not finished polishing the other ladies nails. I was determined not to get upset and to be a happy customer. (My Dad always told us kids that we never know what type of day the other person has had so cut them some slack) After she finished with the first lady I really only had like 20 min before I had to leave to get back to work in time. Sherry told me to pick out a color and she would be right back. I sit down and quickly pick out a color. I sit there for 5 more minutes as I hear Sherry in the back eating her McDonalds. I start panicking. When she came out I told her I really had to leave in like 10 min to be back to work in time. Asked her if she wouldn't do all the fancy stuff and just paint my nails. I keep my nails pretty well filed and shaped so I didn't really need all that. Well she insists and apologizes and says she'll rush. Well her rush is pretty slow:) She shaped (I don't really like the shape she gave me) my nails and cut my cuticles and put lotion on... by this time my 10 minutes were up. I told her I would just have to go without the polish. She tried to get me to stay...asking if work would be mad if I was late. I informed her that there was another girl waiting for me to get back so she could go to lunch- I couldn't/wouldn't be late!

So I didn't tip her (because she didn't do anything) and kindly left the place rushing to get back to work in time.


So my nails aren't polished :( I'm tempted to just go back after work when I know Sherry will be gone and ask if I can just paint my own nails... I just like their colors more than mine:)

I was also really hoping to pick up an icecream cone on the way back to work. Well obviously I didn't have time for that. So here I am without icecream and without my nails done.

I called Patrick and he was sweet and brought some icecream to my office. THANKS Patrick!

I have an appointment tomorrow to have a facial done on my lunch. Well I think I'm just going to go in there and ask for the eyebrow waxing only. Maybe they can handle that in an hour. I'll let you know how that goes:)

So now that I've vented I really hope I didn't sound too mean. I'm just not happy with this salon and really think they did some false advertising and ripped off my husband who was just trying to be sweet and treat his wife to some relaxation. I will never ever recommend this unnamed salon.

**If you just read that whole post, you are probably out of breath. Thanks for your dedication:)**


  1. Man, you're right... I am out of breath! I am so sorry that it wasn't what you expected. :(

  2. Oh, that stinks - you paid for the manicure, I say go back and ask them to squeeze the painting in! They squeezed the other stuff into ten minutes, surely they could paint your nails in five . .