Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Rock

It's been so nice out the past few days. Trying to take advantage of it, we've gone on a few walks and eaten dinner outside. Last night we decided to go to a place I've never been called Big Rock. It's in Cherokee Park and is a great place for Kirby to play. Kirby had never been swimming before but because he has some lab in him, he's a natural. I was silly and forgot my camera or flip to document this moment properly. I took some pictures with my phone instead. They aren't the best, but they will help us remember this moment.

Last night I told Patrick we need to try and hit all the places that are unique to Louisville in the next year. Who knows how long we'll be in this city and once we leave, if we'll ever be back. If you know of any great places or really fun festivals or anything unique to the Louisville let me know!

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