Thursday, August 26, 2010


Patrick is 26 today. He's getting up there:) It stinks that we are both so busy on Thursdays and wont really get to see much of each other today. We have plans to go out and celebrate the golden birthday (he's 26 on the 26th) tomorrow evening.


I love you and am so incredibly thankful for you. You love me well and I think the world of you. My affection for you has grown this year and I'm not seeing it slowing down any time soon. I can't wait to see you take the role of dad later this year. You are a true gift to me and I love you love you love you!!! Happy Birthday!
**Also it's my niece's 5th birthday today. Happy Birthday Audrey girl!! It's hard to believe she is 5 and in pre-school.**

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  1. Happy birthday Pat! :) Hugs, cuz Jessica