Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Musings

hahaha Patrick hates the use of "musings"... this will be a test to see if he really reads my blog:)

It's finally starting to be somewhat nice weather around here. The leaves are beautiful!! I want it to stay fall YEAR ROUND!
Anna had homecoming this weekend. She's a senior this year which means I am going to be annoying her by sharing in all these moments that I think are really fun. Look at how gorgeous she is!!

We also carved some pumpkins this weekend. I did a tree and Patrick did a not so intentional tim burton-esque pumpkin of the louisville sky line.


  1. I love the pictures of you and your husband and your pumpkins! Just too cute!

  2. Those are cute pictures. My goodness, you are like a pumpkin expert! That's a great tree - I'm impressed.

  3. I totally agree -- fall year round! If only it'd stop raining! I want to go walking in the leaves!

    Anna is a gorgeous girlie, it's true. And she needs a big sis like you annoying her by posting her senior year good times. She'll look back and be thankful. :)