Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Adventures of Stereo Land

Patrick loves listening to good music. Having the option to hook up his ipod to the car stereo is of highest priority to him. My car doesn't have or should I say didn't have this option. Just plain old compact discs for me. Well with a 7-8 hour drive there and a 7-8 hour drive back, Patrick wanted this to change. I talked to my brother (who is pure genius with a whole lot of stuff but cars are his specialty) and thought I had figured out a way to rig my stereo so that it would hook up to a cd. Here's how this adventure unfolded.

Take out stereo at work- doesn't work

Take out stereo at Schreiner's home- wrong cord

Head to Best Buy to get right cord- Best Buy guy says a cord wont fix the problem

Buy a new stero w/ cord hook up (all for an IPOD)

Go out to try and install in parking lot by ourselves- find out we need wire cutter and electrical tape to splice wires (genius brother says LEAVE IT ALONE)

Drive to Columbus, stay the night, wake up and try to find Best Buy to install stereo- yeah sure that'll cost $55.

WHAT? - We'll do it ourselves!!

Call family members to help us locate a Walmart right off the interstate- DO A U-TURN

Find Walmart

Wire Cutters: $1.47

Electrial Tape: $1.58

Good music coming through that ipod cord into my stereo and out my speakers: PRICELESS!


  1. oh my gosh, what an adventure! I would have had a headache and would have told my hubby to just be happy with the dozens of cds! haha

  2. You two are what I call a "hot mess"!!! Hilarious!!

  3. Ha! Sounds like one of our escapades. I'm glad it all worked out in the end though!