Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Entries from a diary

I've been doing some special reading today. Patrick's diary from the few months before we met. This thing is AMAZING. He mostly journaled his prayers and events from his time in PNG. Reading this warms my heart and encourages my soul to strive to know our God better. This is why I wanted to marry this man!

7:55 am

Do not let my spiritual senses go dull. Do not let me become hard of hearing. Help me to receive truth with joyfulness. Teach me how to feed myself even more through the word. I thank you for this opportunity to be in PNG and I pray that I would not dwell on the past or the future but just make the most of my time here. Again I ask for a joyful spirit to help me with whatever I encounter. I pray that my lips would pour forth praise all the day as I look and behold your power and glory.

I prayed this myself today. We are in the process of possibly buying our first home, I'm being moved around all over the place at work, but I pray that I would not dwell on past or future but be content and make the most of my time right now. That my lips would pour forth praise all day long. That I would dwell and meditate on the Lord and His glory.

Thank you Lord for Patrick!

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  1. That's sweet! I hope the house process goes smoothly!