Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's been ONE YEAR!

October 4th (that's today) is our wedding anniversary. Yup, today Oct 4, 2009 Patrick and I are celebrating our first anniversary. And guess where we are? Erie, PA. Patrick surprised me with a weekend trip. I've known we were heading somewhere and that the place was seven hours away, but didn't know exactly where that place was. Surprises like this are so much fun! I didn't have to worry about anything. Just packed my bag with lots of options for hot, cold, and mild weather.

We left friday after work and headed to Columbus to stay the night. We really liked this hotel and kind of wish we would have saved 8 hours and stayed here the whole time.

Saturday we woke up and headed to PA. And here we are. It's rainy and cold we are staying in and playing it low key. Its been nice not really having a schedule to keep to and just relaxing with each other.

Last night I gave Patrick his presents. Ever since he gave me my sewing machine, he has asked when I was going to make him a t-shirt. Well I finally did it. I didn't have a pattern, just traced one of his. It turned out ok... it resembles a shirt. But he definitely wont want to wear this out in public. I had the hardest time with the neck... haha I'll post a picture to show its crookedness. I think he liked it though. I also gave him a wallet. He lost a similar one about a year ago and mentioned if I ever found one like it I should get it. So I did.

The Lord has been very kind to us this last year. It's been fun to reflect on all this year has brought. We have also been evaluating our relationship and trying to see how we can better serve each other and in turn bring God more glory.

Thank you Lord for Patrick and this amazing year you have so graciously given to us.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope your weekend away is wonderful!

  2. Happy 1st year Anniversary! That's a big one. Have fun on your trip!

  3. sooo exciting. i love that you two are in love! and what a good plan. i love surprises too. and collars are the worst of all. i have a feeling you will master it, like you always do.