Saturday, October 10, 2009

Smashed Pumpkins

Whoever looked at a pumpkin sitting on someone else's doorstep and said " I'm going to smash this sucker!" irritates me.

This morning Patrick came in from taking Kirby out and said some people had smashed two of my pumpkins. This makes me upset for many reasons...
1. They aren't their pumpkins to smash...they are my pumpkins.
2. They cost $5 each. SO thats $10 they just wasted for 2 secs of laughing and 5 min of me being frustrated.
3. Now we have a big mess out in the walk way of our apartments. I think this is not only rude to me, but also to all our other neighbors
4. If they don't clean it up, I'll have to.
5. I know who did it and I want to be mean even though I know I shouldn't.

So here's what I think I'm going to do: clean up the mess and make them some PUMPKIN cookies:) and ask them not to do that EVER AGAIN!

(of course these cookies wouldn't be made from the actual smashed pumpkins on my side walk...Patrick threw those away)


  1. That's terrible! I can't believe they would come up and just smash them like that. i think making cookies is a great idea - heaping coals on their heads and all that!

  2. You should totally do that! What a bummer

  3. That is so terrible!! You know what they say, tell the shame the devil. Well here is my confession, when I was young and dumb, I did that, until I saw the hurt on a little girl's face!! Never again!! I am so sorry someone was that cruel to you!! they don't know any better!!

  4. I was wondering were you gonna make the cookies out of the pumpkins from the sidewalk?