Saturday, September 22, 2012

lydia: 22 months

Lydia is 22 months old now. What a sweet girl!

She is all about some independence lately. She has started to go up and down stairs with out any help. She usually tries to do it with out the help of the hand rail either which really scares me. I asked Patrick when he thought she would get used to the stairs and leave them alone... He said probably when they aren't a challenge for her anymore. I think he's right because if they are around, she's going up or down them.

She is also eating her cereal with milk now and using a big girl cup with out a lid. She does fairly well but if we walk away toward the end of her meal, the milk will be dumped out of the bowl and whatever she had to drink will be all over her tray. It's fun to see her learn how to eat more like a big girl.

She is talking up a storm. Some of my favorite things that she does: She'll say "thank you baby" or "here you go baby" because thats what she hears us say to her all the time. She says "bye bye raisins" or cereal or whatever she just ate. She asks if we are excited. I've noticed that I'll tell her we are going to go do something and then ask if she is excited. I do this all the time. (an example: Lydia, we are going to go pick up Daddy from work. Are you excited??) She has learned this word and now asks us all the time if we are excited. It's SOOO CUTE! She amazes us with the names she remembers. She will start recalling all of her cousins names and will even add in the correct aunt and uncles.

She had an ear ache a fews weeks ago so we had to make a visit to the doctor. We found out that she weighs 27 lbs. I am not sure on the height as they didn't measure it. We'll find that out at her 2 year visit in a few months.
We are still right in the thick of it with discipline. I feel like she has made some progress but is still very much a typical almost 2 year old.

Lydia brings so much joy into our lives though. We are thankful for her life and health and fun big personality. She is a sweet girl. A lady who worked in her nursery class at church a few Sundays ago told me she went around the room handing out her cheerios saying "here you go." She loves to give hugs and kisses.

We love you Lydia! A bushel and a peck!!

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