Tuesday, September 11, 2012

first hair cut

It hit me. Lydia's hair was a mullet. Cute baby curls had grown a little too long with out the rest of her hair noticing and trying to catch up. Once it was in my mind I couldn't stand it. I had to cut it.

I put her in her high chair for her first big girl hair cut. I was really nervous. I ran my fingers through her hair probably 100 times. She kept looking back at me like "what are you doing mom leave me alone." I gave her a handful of reese pieces and finally gathered the nerve to make the first cut. I really thought I was going to cry.

I had to put her back in the chair after I had finished my first try because I saw some places that needed to be fixed. After two goes at it. I think I got it. She now has a cute bob.

Byebye baby hair. You had a good 21 month run!

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