Wednesday, September 5, 2012

kesid: 3 months/ lydia: 21 months

I'm way late on Lydia celebrating 21 months....on the 21st of August. Diane had just had her accident and we were in crazy mode. Kesid celebrated 3 months of life on the outside on the 31st. I decided to combine their post... maybe this will become a pattern-we'll see!

Kesid is a sweet sweet cuddly girl! OH I could just eat her up. I think I give her at least 100 kisses a day (so that makes over 9,000 kisses just from me in the last 3 months). I am so thankful for her laid back nature. She is pretty easy to please. To be honest though... I think I please her a little too much. Patrick and I are started to suspect some rottenness in her. I think I may be spoiling her.

Heres some of her updates. She is still eating every 3 hours. Before the accident she was sleeping from 10:30-7:30 at night... and then after being away for a few days she is now waking up around 5-6 am to eat. I'm having a hard time deciding if she's just in the habit of this now or if because of pumping my milk has decreased a little... I don't know but I'm starting to get tired of the 5-6 thing... may have to do a little boot camp :). Speaking of sleep boot camp. Naps are about to start happening... scheduled naps.

I'm not sure how much she weighs because we don't own a scale and she doesn't go to the doc until 4 months but she is doing just fine. The girl is a CHUNK. She still fits some 0-3 month clothes but it's about time for the 3-6 month.

Kesid is starting to interact with Lydia more... and Lydia more with Kesid. The other day I kept lifting Kesid up to Lydia's check and giving making her give her kisses. Lydia LOVED it. She was giggling and kept saying "I'm gonna get you." Kesid was smiling sweet smiles back at her big sis.

Kes is all the sudden doing great at tummy time. She's rolled over a few times this month. Only belly to back though. She can tolerate longer stretches of tummy time now. I love it when babies start to love being on their tummies and playing with toys.

Lydia is a lot of fun right now and also a lot of work. She is learning so much and her vocab is growing like crazy. She is surprising us with all the songs she knows. One day she just starting singing her all of it. I think she waits until she knows a song well enough and then will sing it out loud.  One other song that she sings is the doxology... she calls it "praise God."

Lydia is in a stage that requires lots of correction and discipline. She has been throwing more fits if she doesn't get her way and is fairly fond of the word "no" and "mine." I've been trying to reroute her and have her say "yes" and explaining that "mine" is a selfish word and not kind... It's slow learning at this point :)

One of the things we love seeing in Lydia is her personality coming out. She is a silly girl. She will sometimes just break out in a really goofy walk or fake laugh. She is also making more faces. The girl knows how to woo a crowd. At the hospital all the staff love her. She walks up and down the hallways just waving and saying hi.

Patrick and I are so thankful for the time the Lord has given us with our sweet baby girls. I have been humbled by the brevity and frailty of our lives lately. Every day really is a gift. Trying to remember to treasure each day...even if it is a hard one :)


  1. Your girls are adorable!! I know what you are going through with Lydia. Ellie is the same way. ;) Thank you for the reminder to treasure each day! Praying for you.

    PS I still think you should be nurse. I am thankful Diane has you!

  2. Hannah, your girls are beautiful! I'd love to hear more about this "sleep boot camp" you talk about...At 8.5 months, Natalie still wakes up around 5 am to eat (she goes to bed at 8, so she sleeps 9 hours straight). We've spent more than a few nights working with her to stretch out her feedings and it's so emotionally and physically draining!