Thursday, March 15, 2012

baby #2: 28 weeks

Hello third trimester. 9-12 more weeks of this baby tucked away in my belly. And then the fun begins :)

It has been beautiful weather here in KY lately and that means we are spending a whole lot of time outside. Lydia is becoming more of a little toddler and less and less of a baby. She loves to go on walks to the park. It's already getting hard for me to bend over and pick her up and carry her around. Thankfully this baby is due early June so I wont have to pack around my baby belly all through the extreme heat of summer!

I was 28 weeks on Monday and had my regular check up with my OB. Everything looks good.

I gained 6 more pounds. YIKES. Up to 20 lbs total now :) I was too distracted by how much I had gained in a month that I forgot to hear about my blood pressure. Guessing it was okay.

Babies heart beat was in the 140's and I'm measuring right on track at 28 cm.

Picture is 28 w 3 d.

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