Thursday, February 16, 2012

praise God from whom all blessings flow!

There are many couples adopting at our church. It is amazing to see how the Lord has given them hearts that long to have children from all over the world. Some here in Louisville, some from other states, and some from across the world.

Yesterday we had the privilege of welcoming a couple and their 2 babies. This is a homecoming that has been many years in the making. They have had heartache after heartache but have continued strong in their faith and in their pursuit of their children.

Many from our church gathered at the airport to meet these two babies and celebrate with their parents. What a joy it was to see the excitement in everyone as they walked into view. There was such a crowd that many people were asking what all the commotion was about (bet they were shocked that so many people were there for two adopted babies). Thankfully the airport staff didn't have to kick us out for the rowdiness.

I put together a little video of the time at the airport. I really wish I knew more about making videos because I pretty much have no knowledge in that field. When they walked in everyone cheered like crazy and then broke out in singing the doxology. It was glorious. I sadly didn't know how to turn down the other song to let that part be heard. So just imagine it:)


  1. Hannah-
    This is precious. I am officially crying at my desk at work! I'm so glad that these children will be loved and cared for by your friends and your church body. What a beautiful picture of the Gospel!

  2. Thanks for posting this Hannah. I am litterly crying! Thank you for letting me share in this wonderful victory for Bonnie and Justin. I did not know until just now that they were able to come home with Hosannah and Asher. Oh praise you Lord!!

  3. I will just reiterate what Stephanie just said...Wow, I can't wait to be with our wonderful church family again so soon - what a glorious thing!!!!

  4. Just watched this video with the kids. Ginny and I got to explain why we were both weeping and smiling and laughing for joy through the whole thing. Thanks, Hannah, and praise God!!

  5. this was such a blessing to us, hannah! thanks for putting it together so we could see from afar:) laura d