Thursday, February 23, 2012

15 months

Lydia turned 15 months on the 21st. The 21st just happened to be my niece, Rory's birthday too! My sister came over and we went out for some cupcakes! What a joy it is to be able to celebrate these moments with family. (those pictures will mostly be in the next post but a few of lydia will be in this one..)


I took Lydia for her 15 month well baby visit today.
She was not happy about having anything done to her. Didn't want to stand on the scale. Didn't want the measuring tape wrapped around her head. Did not want that cold metal thing on her chest. Didn't even want to lay on the table to get her length measured. Maybe it was because I woke her up from a nap to go to the dr. Mean of me, I know. At least I brought cheerios and those she DID like to eat :)

She weighs 23.8 lbs (60th %tile) and is 29.5 in long (25th %tile). Her head circumference was 45 cm?? (25th %tile)


This girl is growing by leaps and bounds. Her hair is getting longer. Her feet are getting bigger (had to move up to size 4 in shoes). And her vocabulary and capabilities are expanding every day. It's blowing my mind to see the toddler she's becoming. (Thankful I have another baby coming... I miss those little days)

She has 5 teeth now. 2 on top and 3 on bottom. I think she is working on about 5 more right now.

Here are some of the things she can say at 15 months:
hi. hello. bye bye. mama. dada. all done. thank you. more. help. baby. book. night night. apple. ball. papaw. jesse. roro (rory). hot. nana (banana). baba (bottle...yup still doing that one time a day). up pup (the favorite book). light. out side. bird. no no. yes. belly. diaper. bug. gentle. (and something that sounds like) here you go.

Oh wow that's over 25 things. I have never written them all out before. I've probably left out a thing or two but that was all I could think of off the top of my head.


She knows where her head, nose, mouth, belly, and nose are. She can do an elephant noise and will roar like a dinosaur. She does sign language for more, please. eat, thank you, all done, and a modified version of help.

Lydia loves going on walks outside. She really enjoys being in the kitchen with me. She cracks us up because she'll come in there and have her own little agenda to get accomplished. She'll go to a cabinet and start putting in all the magnets. Or putting all the magnets in a bowl and mixing them around. Whatever her task...she knows what she's out to accomplish.

She still loves books. She will empty out her book basket and climb in for a nice cozy place to read. She'll sit there and look through all her books. While I've been typing this she keeps coming up to the couch laying a book down and then saying "help." I help her up onto the couch. She says "thank you" then reads one page of the book, closes it and then wiggles off the couch. Grab a different book and the process starts all over again. I hope she will continue to love books.


Patrick and I are so very thankful for what a sweet, happy girl we have. She has been a great first baby. We can't wait to see how she transitions into big sister. We still have a little while on that one though :) For now I'm soaking up my time with just my one little girl. Loving her hugs, kisses, giggles, and all around cuteness.

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