Wednesday, June 22, 2011

7 months

Seven wonderful months of our Lydia. What could be sweeter? Every stage really is unique in it's own joys. We keep saying "she is getting so fun!" Thing is, we keep saying it...We love watching her grow and learn new things.

She is starting to feel like big girl in this last month. I am 90% confident to leave her sitting by herself. I still put a boppy behind her just so she doesn't bonk her head unnecessarily but she's pretty much got it on her own. She smiles all the time and giggles often. She still loves blowing zerberts and is becoming more vocal. After our return from Mexico I noticed her sucking her thumb more often. She still mostly does it when she's tired but I've caught her going to it and random times to just soothe herself. I know this has it's own hurdles we'll have to jump later but right now it's so sweet!

Right after we got home from Mexico she also started to adjust her own schedule. I wasn't sure if I was ready for this but she pretty much did it on her own so I had to go along. She dropped her third nap. That's right friends we are down to 2 naps. I feel like 2 naps means your a big kid. I mean I pretty much still take 2 naps a day. HA I wish!
Here is her new schedule:
7:30am wake up nurse
8:00am fruit with cereal
9:00-9:30am down for first nap
11:00-12:00 (this one has a wide range...) wake up eat solids and then nurse
2:30 nurse down for second nap
5:00 wake up
6:00-6:30 eat solids and nurse
7:30 down for bed
10:30 dream feed


She is eating solids like a pro. She has had soo many different things. I'm pretty easy going on letting her try new things. Here is a list of what she's eaten so far.
butternut squash, avocado, spinach, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, mango, pears, peaches, apples and blueberries, apples and cherries, apples and apricots, grapes (little bitty pieces without the skin), white potatoes from my plate, sweet pot and corn, zucchini, asparagus, pinneapple, peas, kiwi, chicken, turkey, beef, ritz crackers, and puffs.


  1. She looks so much like Patrick I think.

  2. Go Lydia! Our babies have grown so much! And I was surprised to see that you used the word zerbert! People make fun of me when I use it. :)