Monday, May 23, 2011

reason to celebrate

This Friday Patrick graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary!!! We are excited. We used the last few days as a time to celebrate. Thursday we had a reception at the President's Home. Friday he graduated and then we went to lunch with his family and part of mine. Saturday we had a party with friends and family. We had a reason to celebrate.

I am very proud of Patrick for graduating from SBTS. I am proud of him because he has held many roles while being a full time student and he has been great in all of them.
He started as a fiance. Half way through his first semester became a married man. He then became the husband to a newly pregnant me who was sick sick sick. Then he became a daddy. He has done all these things while taking full course loads (of really hard classes), being involved in church and working a full time job. By the good grace of our God he has been able to do all these things and do them well.

I praise the Lord for Patrick. He has given him an exceptional ability to do many things at one time. If you know Patrick personally you know he is always doing something. He recently quoted Benjamin Franklin on his blog. The quote describes Patrick life well. "Lose no time: Be always employ’d in something useful: cut off all unnecessary action."

Patrick, Lydia and I are very blessed to have you as the man in our lives! You are a sweet husband and a very loving father. You love your girls well and we are so thankful for you. Congrats on graduating from Southern. We are excited to have you a little less busy this summer but also can't wait to see what's next.


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