Thursday, May 26, 2011


I never realized how nice it was to wake up every morning without aches and pains. Never really appreciated good heath. Especially didn't appreciate my feet. That is until now.

About a month and a half ago my feet started hurting. BAD. I'd wake up in the morning and as soon as I'd step down tons and tons of pain would cause me to barely be able to walk. This was super annoying. I dreaded getting up and getting Lydia each morning to feed her only because I knew the pain I was about to feel. Can I please just stay in bed all day?? If she started crying in the middle of the night I'd lay in bed and hope that Patrick would get up and go help her before I had to.

After a month plus of pain I decided to go to the doctor. I went to my general family doctor and she did some blood work to rule out any chances of rheumatoid arthritis (I've also been having general joint pains...mostly in my right arm and hand). She also sent me to a podiatrist. I went yesterday and here is what she concluded.

I have plantar fasciitis. She gave me a cortisone shot in each foot to reduce the inflammation and hopefully bring pain relief. I still have to ice my feet and stretch them often (these were things I had already been doing). These shots hurt like POOP! I cried. I hate shots. This week has been filled with needles (they took blood from me and gave Lydia her vaccinations on Tuesday and then Wednesday I get two shots in my feet) and I pretty much hate it. READY for next week!
She also thinks I may have some back problems that are causing the pain in my toes. My toes have felt like they are constantly drawn in. I kept thinking I just need to load up on bananas and get tons of potassium in me. She put me on a muscle relaxer to loosen all these up. We checked to make sure all of these treatments are okay while breastfeeding and they are. So far my feet feel 70% better. There is still a little discomfort but I think it takes a few days for the cortisone shots to fully take effect. Same goes with the muscle relaxers...after a few days of these things I'm sure I'll be feeling good.

I have learned a few things from this mild trial in my life.
1. My hope and joy should not and and ultimately cannot come from my health. The joy of the Lord is my only strength.
2. I tend to be selfish and not very selfless. When my feet would hurt all I was thinking about was myself. I didn't care if Patrick had to wake up early to go to work and stand on his feet all day. My feet were hurting and I wanted him to have to get up. I have since repented to him and to the Lord. Asking forgiveness and help from the Lord. I need grace to be able to consider others more important than myself. I need power from the Holy Spirit to die to my own wants and serve others the way Christ served and continues to serve us.
3. Those who suffer well really do bring great glory to God. I kept thinking about Chip Stam. A hero of the faith who recently died of cancer. He truly relied on the Lord for his strength and joy. In the midst of pain and a killing cancer this man loved the Lord. I also think of Job who when practically everything was taken from him he still wouldn't curse the Lord. I pray that as I am tried with more and more things I would become well seasoned and bring great joy to the Lord.
4. Sufferings help us to long for a better place. I'm thankful that this is not my ultimate home. Praise the Lord that there is a land soon to come where those who have their faith in Christ will suffer no more. I love my life here on earth. The Lord has been very kind to me in giving me a loving husband, sweet baby, and great family and friends. These wont last though. They are all temporary. Praise God I have a lasting hope in Him.
5. I hate shots

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with your feet! That sounds awful. I can relate to the "mild trial" thing right now - it's hard to handle it in a godly way sometimes, but I love the lessons you listed - so true!
    -Callie (Blogger isn't letting me sign in for some reason . . .)