Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 mo

This past weekend we celebrated Patrick's graduation. WE also celebrated Lydia's 1/2 year mark. The girl is 6 months old. HARD TO BELIEVE.


I took her to the dr today for her 6 mo check up. They are pleased with how she is growing and developing.
She is 27 in long (90th percentile).
She weighs 15lbs 15 oz (50th percentile).
I can't remember how big her head is but it's in the 40th percentile... a good step up from the 7th percentile last time. Her head is finally rounding out.


A week or two ago Patrick and I both started commenting how we felt like she grew up a ton over night. She is starting to do things that really make her seem like a BIG girl. Well you know... a relatively big girl. She is still only 6 months old.


She is starting to sit up better with little to no assistance. I sat her outside Sunday to take some pictures (I missed doing it on her actual six month day) and she held the sitting position for a good amount of time. She eventually face planted into the grass or toppled over to one side or the other. She is making progress though.


She is an extremely happy baby. She gives smiles and giggles freely. She has started grabbing my face and attacking it with a open mouth. I like to think she is giving me kisses. She usually attacks my chin. I think she likes the hardness of it on her gums. She goes after Patrick's nose because his chin is too rough from his beard. It often leaves my face covered in slobber but I'm okay with that.


She has been eating solid food for about a month now and is rockin it. She has eaten butternut squash, sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas, and spinach. She didn't so much care for the spinach with out it being mixed with sweet potatoes...it had a gritty texture. I did appreciate the regularity of bowels that came along with spinach. Only eating it once made her go three days in a row. That's been rare these days.

Her schedule hasn't changed much. I have recently dropped a feeding (the 8 oclock). Her day now looks like this:
7:30 wake up and nurse
8:30 down for nap
11:00 wake up eat solid and nurse
12:30-12:45 down for nap
2:30 wake up and nurse
4:00-4:15 down for nap
6:00 wake up eat solid and nurse
8:00 down for night
10:00 nurse and right back to bed

This picture reminds me so much of Patrick's baby pictures



  1. Look at all those rolls! She's getting so big! I think the slobbering on your face definitely counts as kisses. :-)
    -Callie (Blogger isn't letting me sign in today . . .)

  2. She is so precious!!!! Can't wait to see her in July!


  3. She's a beautiful girl! And congrats on Patrick's graduation. I'm sure there are exciting things to come!