Monday, September 6, 2010

We've been busy

I feel like I have not blogged about anything lately even though we have had so much going on. Patrick started back to school and I started an SWI (seminary wives institute) course. We had someone try breaking into our house (didn't succeed and were caught and put back in jail (yes they had just gotten out 2 wks earlier)). My brother got married. And life has just generally been FULL.

This weekend we went down to Bowling Green and were able to visit with lots of old friends. We had dinner friday night with the Clark family and realized just how much I miss them!! We then stayed the night with Tim and Chelsea. Went and saw Anna at WKU and then went to Auburn, KY to celebrate Tillman's 1st birthday. Sunday we went to our old church and enjoyed seeing people we hadn't seen in over a year. We had lunch and then drove back to Louisville. Kirby came along for all of this and probably spent more time outside tied to a tree than ever before. I threw up out the window of our car while driving (Patrick was driving) 75 mph down I65. I wish I would have taken more pictures with all the people we is the one picture I did take of Patrick and Anna at WKU.

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