Tuesday, September 21, 2010

29 wk update

I'm 29 weeks pregnant. Our camera is messed up (well not our camera but the card for our camera) so I can't take an updated picture. I'll try to get one with my phone later (I wont being doing this in the bathroom at work because I have gotten so much grief over that from people (teasing me) at work).

I did go to the doctor for my check up yesterday. Here's what I found out

My blood pressure looked good at 102/60
My weight is now 134 (4 lbs gained since my last apt and 16 lbs gained total)
Baby girl (this week we are leaning toward the name Kesid) has a heart beat in the 130's
I'm measuring 27 cm.

Doc says everything looks/sounds good.

I finised the front of her quilt... now I need to buy some batting and have Tara show me how to do that. I'll take a picture as soon as I have a functioning camera. I'm thinking about putting her crib together soon. Maybe I can commission Patrick's help on this soon.

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