Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preg Friends

I have a ton of friends that are currently pregnant. It has been such a joy to get to share this stage of my life with dear friends. One of those is Alex. We lived on the same street and shared our season of newly weds and shortly after they announced they were having a baby we also jumped on the band wagon. She is having a girl as well. I hope we share many more seasons of life together. Her and Clint are great friends that I love getting to spend time with.
I had been wanting to get a picture of our big bellies together. We finally got one on Saturday. They had us over for dinner. Here are our big bellies... She is 37 weeks and I'm 29wks.

I stole this picture from her blog. Isn't her belly precious!!!

Do you remember when I posted about her gender reveal party here?? Here we are with some other preggies who have each had their little boys.
I was 13 wks and she was 21 wks (I think).
We've changed a little bit huh??


  1. y'all are so cute! I love seeing prego women. I just wanna go up to 'em and rub their bellies! :) By the way, I have those shoes you are wearing in the first picture. They are so comfy! And cute.