Thursday, January 28, 2010

I didn't just do that... did I ?

This week

I didn't have to drain the watter off my noodles into my bathroom sink.

After tiring from walking to the bathroom to use the sink, I didn't put tuperware down under the leaky sink to catch all the drippings and continue to wash dishes like nothing was wrong.

I also didn't wake up to drywall dust all over my floor. Spank my dog for it, and then realize it had been my purse that hit the wall and caused the pre-existing bubble to crumble and leave dry wall scattered on the floor.

I didn't risk my life by balancing on this rickety old ladder as it wobbled in the tub so I could paint the rest of our bathroom.

And because I am a responsible citizen and care for the children playing in local parks, I did not let Kirby poop in the park and not pick it up. (I know thats terrible)

Last but not least, I didn't have to explain to someone (cough, Diane) that "wally world" is simply another term for WalMart:)

Did I really do those things?


  1. I read this and laughed. If you don't already read mckmama, you should this is totally a Not Me Monday (except you posted on Thursday) I found your blog because I like to follow links from blogs I know - I found you because I went to High School with Jonathan Meacham. Your blog makes me smile, and I thought I would come out of lurking.