Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I took these pictures a few weeks back. Lydia and Kes were in our room and Lydia just wanted to hold Kesid. Once holding her she insisted that I take a picture. So I took 20.

I am so thankful for our girls. Thankful for the sisters they are and will be to each other. I grew up with sisters and loved it! I pray they will always be close and pray that they come to know the Lord and can spur one another on to faith and good deeds!

Lydia is getting to an age where she is wanting someone to play with her. She LOVES older kids. LOVES them. I have noticed her a few times realizing that Kesid is more playable now. She's not just the baby who sleeps all the time or is in the bouncy... She moves. She tries to take her toys. She gets in her way. She can PLAY!

Kesid isn't quite ready to play like Lydia wants but she's definitely willing to play. She loves her older sister. She will pretty much let Lydia roll all over her and just gives constant smiles. Lydia squeezes Kes and Kesid just takes it.

I'm really looking forward to watching their relationship grow.

Love these girls!