Friday, November 23, 2012

a little late halloween post

We celebrated halloween twice. A few weeks before we took Lydia and Kesid to the zoo. I was kind of worried about Lydia dressing up (because any time I've tried to put a dress-up dress on her she cries) but she did great!

I found a hot dog costume (size 0-6 mo) at a local consignment shop. After a little altering it was perfect for our size 24 mo girl! And it was perfect because Lyds best bud was going as a hamburger! Lydia loved loved loved dressing up as a hot dog! For days afterward she would ask for it and would even stuff her baby dolls into the costume to make them dress up as hotdogs!

I also may have bribed Lydia into getting her costume on by giving her candycorn. Hotdog costume = candy corn! This could have had something to do with her loving to dress up :)

So for our first halloween celebration of 2012 we met our friends at the zoo and had pizza.

On actual halloween night we had family in town. Dan and Ashley were visiting from OR and we loved getting to go trick or treating for the first time with our cousins!

Kesid wore Lydia's costume from last year (Lydia was 10 months when she wore it and Kesid was 5....Kes is a chunk!)

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