Monday, November 26, 2012

lydia: 2 years

We celebrated 2 years of life with Lydia on Wednesday. What a blessing these two years have been! This is the sweet baby who made us parents and changed our lives forever. She is so full of life and personality and I could just eat her up. Seriously.

For her birthday we started off with an L shaped chocolate chip pancake for breakfast. Then for lunch we met daddy at Chic Fil A. We had ice cream and got to play in the play yard. Then for dinner we had spaghetti and did more ice cream with a cookie (with two candles which she blew out her self) for dessert. We are throwing her a little party this Saturday.

Lydia is a big talker. She will carry on conversations with you and you'll have no idea what it's about but she will be as serious as ever. Just today I was reading her a book and she got really close to my face and started gibbering away. I kept reading and she kept gibbering...with about an inch in between our faces. She loves to talk on the phone and gives me a nice idea of how I sound on the phone... "Hi, yeah, uh huh, yup, yeah, okay, alright, HAHAHA okay, uh huh, buh bye." 

At her two year check up Lydia was 33.5 inches tall (40th %tile) and weighed 27 lbs (60th %tile). The doctor was pleased with all of Lydia's milestones. Lydia was not pleased with the shots in her thighs...She looked at me like "WHAT?!? are you letting them do to me?" It was fun. NOT.  

Everytime Lydia gets in the car she takes off her shoes and socks and pull each toe apart as far as she can and picks out any fuzz from her socks. This is hilarious to me. Kind of annoying that every time her shoes and socks are off and I have to put them back on before we go into the store/house/where ever... but still kind of funny. It really doesn't look comfortable how far she stretches her toes apart.

One of my favorite things that Lydia says now is that something hurt her. She'll say "OUCH! that hurTAH me!" Of course its not my favorite that something is hurting her but it's too cute the way she emphasizes the T on hurt. She also says "I had a good nap!" when you go to get her out of her room after sleep times. It's funny because its like her way of saying "I'm all done...get me out of here."

Lydia still loves to sing, watch elmo (or clips from the sound of muisc), and read. She is obsessed with her Jesus Storybook Bible. She goes to sleep with it for every nap and night. We pray that she will continue to love the Lord's Word as she grows! When we are riding in the car we are often entertained by the back seat... Lydia sings "do re mi" or "twinkle twinkle" or "abc's" while we are carrying on conversations up front. 

She is a sweet big sister. She loves to give Kes kisses and will often give her hugs. She has had some issues with wanting to treat Kes like she is older than she is... She will sometimes just fall on Kesid or try to get her to do something that is way above Kes' skill level. Over all she is a good big sis who really loves her baby sister. 

Lydia is a little dramatic lately and has been struggling with pitching fits. She is really starting to assert her own will and this can be really challenging. I have had a hard time being patient with her and really just enjoying her in this stage the last week or so. I feel like I can tell her "no" way too much. I am learning to let her do things that aren't necessarily the best (or most practical) for me but that she enjoys. Mostly it's me learning to not micromanage her and let her be a kid. I notice a huge difference in how much more I enjoy her when I just let her be. 

Patrick and I are so incredibly thankful for Lydia and her life. We have been blessed by her easy disposition and are grateful to the Lord for her health these past two years... we don't want to take this for granted! We have a sweet two year old who loves life! And we love her!! 

Happy 2 years Beeda Boo!