Saturday, April 21, 2012

17 months

Our little girl is almost a whole year and a half. Oh, and she is about to go from being our little girl to our big girl. Lots of changes about to take place!!


Lydia is learning and changing so much with every day. She is picking up new words and abilities.



She is 24 1/2 pounds and 31 inches long. She has her top front 4 teeth and her bottom front four teeth as well as cutting all four 1 year molars.


She can go up and down stairs really well (although I don't trust her completely on the coming down part). She can now climb up onto our dining room chairs. This really shocked me one day when I walked in to find her standing up at the table. Ha thankfully she wasn't on the table...


Lydia is still a very sweet and affectionate girl. She freely gives kisses and hugs. She's not shy and waves to everyone she sees.

(this is one of our neighbor boys...Lydia thinks he's funny)

We've come into a new phase where she is becoming kind of picky with food. She'll wave her hands in front of her face and say, "no no no." I ask her to say no thank you instead and then usually still make her eat the food. It's generally not that she doesn't like the food but more that she would rather have something else instead (bread). If she keeps sticking her hands in front of her mouth we swat her hand and then try again. It usually only takes one time of doing this and she'll eat the rest with out any problem. When she first started doing this I was really having a hard time knowing what to do. I was worrying about what people were thinking of me and how I was responding to her actions. Now that Patrick and I have decided on this method I feel much more comfortable and it's really seeming to work.


We are also really working on her obeying when we say "come." We don't want her to delay in obeying us when we ask her to come because this could be a huge safety issue. If she is about to do something that could cause her harm she needs to immediately obey when we say stop or come.

Some newer things that she is saying: hi mama/dada (she is starting to put a few words together), thank you, no thank you, everything, down, plane. I'm sure she's saying more I am just having a hard time thinking of them.


We ask her who made her and she'll point up and say God. We also hold her hands when we pray at meal times. When we are finished (well, actually she usually says this right in the middle of the prayer...but she's getting better) she says AMEN and it's the cutest thing ever.

Some of the songs she really likes right now are: the itsy bitsy spider, if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum grops, our God is so big, and peanut sitting on a railroad track.

Patrick and I are extremely thankful for every single day we have with Lydia. She is truly a gift from the Lord that has brought us much joy. Just tonight I was sitting in the living room listening while Patrick was in the other room getting her ready for bed. She was giggling and loving her daddy. I was sitting there with a very full heart thankful to the Lord for one of his many many good gifts to us.


  1. Hannah, she is so cute! I like how you and Patrick are raising her! It will make for easier years ahead that is for sure!! She will obey God much easier too! It was so fun having you guys visit! Lydia captured the Clark families heart!
    love you guys,
    the clarks