Thursday, December 8, 2011

practically new pants

So I bought these pants at Anne Taylor LOFT like 2 years ago and I loved them. I guess I'm kind of short because all jeans are too long on me. Unless I buy them in petite and then they are usually just right but kind of on the border line of high waters. Well one wash of these sweet jeans (that were on sale for $10) and they jumped the border and became high waters. I never wore them but kept them because I just really liked them.

Then came my friend Sammi. She alters everything. She showed me some jeans that she had that were funky in some way but she really liked the back pockets. So she turned them into skinny jeans. Once I saw hers I couldn't stop trying to find some pants that I could do the same thing too. Then I remembered my LOFT pants. YAY!!

She came over the other night and wide high waters became just the right length straight/skinny jeans. WOO HOO


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