Friday, February 18, 2011

video update

We still swaddle Lydia when she sleeps. One of my favorite things is seeing her stretch after we unwrap her. Her arms shoot straight up as soon as they are free. I tried capturing it in this video

We were talking to my mom on the phone on Valentine's day. Lydia started smiling really big. She loves her Mimi already! (and all her other grandparents too!)

This next (and last) video shows the girl's mad dancing skills and my awful singing capabilities. Ignore all my singing and enjoy her cute wiggliness.

I'm really stinking it up lately in the blog arena. Sorry if you are bored of pictures and videos of the babe.

I sometimes do think of other things... but she usually occupies most of my day.

random note. My sister is 38 weeks pregnant today. She is really wanting to get this baby out of her. She is about to get desperate and try anything that may send her into labor... ha. Pray that this full moon tonight brings a sweet healthy baby girl.


  1. 38 weeks? Tell her to hang in there!! She's got another 2 weeks to go-- don't stumble in the home stretch but finish strong!! Hehehe remind her that it's actually much easier to take care of babies INSIDE than out... the whole waking up every 3 hours to feed them...the diapers, the crying... yeah I like the umbilical do-it-all system, though the feeling-like-a-hippo-of-massive-girth is pretty unbearable at times (I haven't forgotten).

  2. Hey! You got your name in the hat just in time! You won my first little giveaway! Email me your info for where to send it when you get a chance. I'll get it sent out early next week.

  3. i LOVE the un-swaddling one :) this is NOT boring! keep putting up stuff about the lyds :)