Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Full Term Baby

That's right!! I'm full term today. This baby is technically ready for life outside the womb. I am flip flopping on how I feel about that. Yesterday I was completely ready for her to get out of me and today I'm not so sure. Maybe a week or so more of cooking would be good for us all :).

I am feeling tons more prepared for her arrival. We bought the car seat and stroller this weekend. I have washed all her clothes and put them up. Her bed is made. The car is vacuumed (had to deKirbyfy it).
I had another shower this weekend and WOW we were totally blown away by our friend's kindnesses toward our family! We were given so much! I will do a post of pictures from this soon.

I have started to swell a little this past week :( My face has been retaining water (or fat not really sure at this point) for a little while now. My feet and hands are starting to join in on this swell fest. And also joining the team in the swelling are my arm pits. HAHA is that too much information for my blog? Well it is my blog. Sorry if I just grossed you out.

Moving on.

Patrick and I went for my weekly dr's apt. We had an ultrasound to make sure her head is down. Praise the Lord it is! Everything looked great. Dr said she is about a 7lb baby. That's why I'm ready to get her out. I don't want to deliver a 8+ kid.
Here are the stats
My weight: +2lbs 149 (31 lbs total)
Blood pressure: 110/66
Her heart beat: 136
Belly was measuring: 35 cm
I'm still 1 cm but have progressed to 75% effaced and her head is now more engaged. I am feeling more and more pressure down there.

The ultrasound didn't show much other than her head being down and giving the measurements to find her weight. She was facing my back so we really didn't get a good look at her face. What we did see honestly looked a little scary. No really she looked like a chunky monster. I know that we'll think she's adorable once she's out but those pictures weren't doing much for her.

I can't wait to see what she really looks like. Here's what I look like. HUGE

I'm hoping to get Patrick to take a real picture of me tonight. He says these phone pictures don't count.


  1. AWESOME!! Praise the Lord, Hannah! I am so excited for you! I'm praying for a safe delivery and a fairly easy one for you too! Can't wait to see this little one in all the pics! Love you lots!

  2. How exciting! She's ready to be born! :-)