Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Parties and Baby Showers

Fall Parties and baby showers pretty much explain my life right now. We have been busy lately which is nice because its making the time fly by. Here I am about to attack my pumpkin at Joanna's sixth annual pumpkin carving party. Here are some of the finished pumps. Ours (mine) is the bottom right.
A closer look at mine... It's the Schreiner family 2010.
Here I am with the wonderful hostess.
And my Patrick with our/my pumpkin:)
And then there's a baby shower.. not for me, for Stephanie. She is 3 wks ahead of me with a little boy. She also works at the school I work. I have enjoyed being pregnant with her. I remember when I was like 20 wks and really wanting to be showing (not lacking in that area now...) I was encouraged because she was just starting to really pop and I knew that would be coming my way in just 3 wks. Now I'm waiting for her to deliver so I know its coming my way:)
She is carrying her baby a lot higher than me (she is wearing heels in this pic but we are pretty much the same height and I feel like my belly could fit underneath hers)
Here's another shower I went to for Mindy. She is due 6 days after me. She is pictured on the left. In the picture is Mindy (Due Dec 13th) Me (due dec 7th) and Jordan (due Nov 18th??)
And another pumpkin party. This one was on halloween.
Brian and Jenny... sweet friends!
Jenny wasn't interested in carving but was more than willing to scoop the goop.
My pumpkin before I attacked it with the knife.
Brian working away.
David working on theirs... the guys mostly did the carving.. I was the only girl.

Sweet Nathaniel with his daddy
And here are the pumpkins.
Patrick (who was completely clueless of who carved which pumpkins) picked mine as the favorite. I won the prize!!!
Here's a close up.
Happy FALL!!

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