Tuesday, November 9, 2010

36 weeks

Honestly. I can't believe I just wrote 36 weeks. One more week and I will be full term. Quite honestly I'll be more than happy to get this sweet girl out of me and into our loving arms in about that time :). I haven't done any fun guessing things on the blog for people to guess when I'll deliver but if you want to give me your guess in the comment section, I'll be amused:)

I went for my weekly appointment yesterday. Here are the updates:

My weight: 147 (+/- 0 from last time...29 total gained)
My blood pressure: 110/60
Babies heart beat was 140's
I measured 34 cms (same as last time)

She checked me and said I'm a good 1cm dilated and 50% effaced and -2. She felt around and tried to see if this little girl is butt down or head down. She wasn't positive so she scheduled an ultrasound for next week's apt. I'm excited to get to see our sweet girl's face and I pray that it's what is putting pressure down low and not her butt.

I'm feeling really yuck in the sinus area. I have a headache and constant supply of snot that needs to be blown out. But like I said its never ending... I really hope this goes away before too long.


  1. Hi Hannah, So sorry I missed your baby shower! Long story.....OK, my guess is Nov. 25th. Perfect day to give thanks to the Lord for such a blessing from Him!
    love you,
    Kim Clark

  2. I am going to guess December 12th! I hope you enjoy the last weeks of being pregnant!