Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

We've gotten a LOT of snow lately. Last week we had a day where we got 5-6 inches, the week before that a day with 3 inches and today probably 6 inches. I like snow, but I'm pretty ready for warm weather! I'm tired of my toes always being COLD.

Kirby, he likes the snow!

Update on the hand... its doing better. This picture is actually from a few days ago.

This is why Patrick cut his hand, our stinking dishwasher. I finally got the bottom plate off and this is what I found. Kirby's food from who knows when that was stuck and now is all moldy and soggy and all together disgusting. I think Patrick was thankful for his stitches when I got to clean his out instead of him. (by the way, I have no idea why there is a plastic hanger underneath our dishwasher)Ewww Ewww Ewwwww. Yuck do you see that mold??

Kirby demolished his old bed, so I made him a new one... its a little small but it works as a good pillow if he curls up really tight. Looking in to the dinning room from our bedroomDresser and windows
Here is our newest addition to our bedroom. Shelves. Because our bed is on an angle, its hard to have a night stand. Shelves were a great solution. Whoever thought of them was/is a genius.


  1. Did you take all these? Because they're great pictures - even the ones of ordinary things just look so surreal. Love them!

  2. Patrick I'm sorry about your hand!! EEEEWWWWW!! Just a little too much detail on the ER visit!! Something tells me a shot was involved?!!!! Gotta go, passing out!!