Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Job

Wednesday was my last day at the bank and first day at Seminary. I am now a secretary at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Praise the Lord! I have been wanting a different job for a few months simply because my old one caused me to drive quite a ways and I didn't get home till almost six o'clock. Now I get home around 4:45, have a much shorter drive, and get to see people I love while at work. It's great.

It really popped up out of no where. I had applied for a job at SBTS back in the fall and nothing came from it. I thought it must be the Lord's will for me to stay put and be faithful at the bank for a while. So that's what I did and was planning to do. Then I got an email from a friend at SBTS telling me of this job opening. I applied within two days was offered the job.

I was sad to leave the bank, but am very thankful for this new opportunity. I will miss the girls I worked with and all the easy access to my financial info. I will have to adjust to the regular online banking and keeping better track of our check register.

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  1. Hannah!! That's so awesome!! Huge congrats on the new job! And yes, it is an adjustment when you loose the easy access to your financial info! IB is wonderful!!
    Miss you!