Friday, September 18, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Some days my mind just starts dreaming up all these dreams. Today is one of those dreams.

Like being able to make a cutie patootie skirt like this

Or having a little restaurant where I can cook all kinds of yummy country style food. Where people come in and it feels like home.

Or simply being able to stay at home, raise my many future children, bake, make clothes, grow vegies in the garden and welcome my wonderful husband home from a good day's work.

Maybe someday:) But if not.... I'll be content and completely happy with what the Lord does choose to give me.


  1. I have the same dreams (the home-making ones) . . . you never know, someday all that could come true!

  2. I share wish #3 with you also. Someday, someday....