Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marley and Me

Patrick and I finally watched Marley and Me. Since we have had Kirby, many people have commented on how much Kirby resembles the dog in the movie and have highly reccommended the movie to us. Well we finally did it. We ordered (for the second time since we've been married) a pizza, picked up a movie and made a night out of it.

I thought the movie was really cute. The guy at the movie store told me to be ready to cry...I did. Patrick didn't. But he did say he got the knot in his throat:)

I think I liked it so much because 1. the puppy looked so much like Kirby does. 2. We can relate to a lot of the things they experienced with their dog... haha I couldn't quit cracking up when they were driving with him and he practically jumped out of the car and they caught him by his hind legs. That happened to us! We didn't have to pull over like they did. But I seriously barely caught him by his tail and hind legs. 3. Kirby cracked us up while we were watching it. He just sat and stared at the tv for the longest time. He liked Marley:)

Kirby has been a much better puppy for us than Marley was for his owners:)

This is how I found him last night. I did some sewing after the movie and he likes to come in there and sleep.