Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Firsts

Yesterday I bought for my very first time a WATERMELON.

We also played tennis for the first time this summer and for the first time since being married. We went with our friends Brian and Jenny. The guys played singles against each other while Jenny and I battled it out. Jenny beat me:( but Patrick beat Brian. Then when we played couples, Brian and Jenny whopped us. I can take all the blame for that.

After tennis, it was off to Sonic for the first strawberry limeade of the summer.

Although today is not summery looking at all, HAPPY SUMMER
oh and for all the Schreiners who like to think that the NBA finals are over... I think Orlando came back and showed us that its not:)

1 comment:

  1. GO C LEE!!!!!! I'm all for the Magic!

    I bought my first watermelon about a month and ago and it was surprisingly yummy (perhaps because it was from Mexico and their weather is warmer!?!?)

    I love Sonic Happy Hour - I think about it every day form 2-4. Is that sad?!