Thursday, September 12, 2013

state fair

Last month the fair was in town. We decided it might be fun to take the girls! We knew it was a risk that they could be fussy or get tired really quickly but they were champs! We met up with some friends from our small group at church and had a sweet and memorable evening.

 We ate our share of pulled pork, hot dogs and philly cheese steak sandwiches.
Enjoyed the famous shake up? Ha it's so famous I can't seem to remember the name of it...the lemonade they make right there and then shake up...Lydia and Kes couldn't get enough of it
I love these pictures of them each having a drink because in each picture the other is sticking their hand over to say hurry up I want that back!
After getting our food we headed in to see all the animals. Stinky animals.
 Lydia was a little timid with the animals while Kes was a little more brave.
 After the animal expo we met up with our friends and went to explore the games and rides.
I think the carousel was Lydia's favorite ride! She waved and waved. Each time around it was so sweet to see her face. She was loving it!
I love these pictures below... the one on the left shows her pride in what she was doing and the right shows the sweet fun she was having with her daddy.
 After some persuasion Lydia rode a ride with Mommy too! We rode a little train ride and went through a tunnel (Lydia loves tunnels!!)
 And lastly, Kes and miss Chelsea rode the ferris wheel while we watched from below.
Until next year!

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