Friday, September 13, 2013

lydia and kesid: 33 and 15 months

It has been a very long time since I updated on the girls. Poor Kes didn't even get a real 1 year update on the blog. I feel really bad for all our future children... at this rate they wont have much records at all!

Lydia and Kesid are at fun stages. Hard but still fun! I wrote down just a few things about each kid that they say or do that sums up this time in their little lives.

Is very affectionate. She is the hugger and cuddle bug. She will sit on our laps and talk or sing or read books. Some funny things that she is saying these days:
"When I get older..." This is for anything!
"Probably" So she'll combine these two and say "Probably when I get older..." I'll chew gum, drive a truck, ride in a bus, go to work with daddy, etc. She says this at the most random things. If I tell her no for something she automatically assumes that when she is older she can have or do it. It's often quite humorous!
"Who gave that for me?" She asks this question for lots of things! We have recently received some hand me downs from a very sweet friend so every time we put on "new" clothes Lydia asks this question. It's sweet because she SO loves getting to wear her friend Mady's old clothes! She also asks this about cups or bowls or purses and shoes... so curious!

Loves shoes!! Seriously is obsessed with them! If we open and shut the coat closet (where we keep our shoes we wear often) she will cry if she doesn't get to grab her shoes. If I leave my sandals laying on the floor she will pick them up and bring them to me and keep saying "shus, shus, shus" until I put them on. She's persistent!
Kesid is affectionate but in her own way. She's not like Lydia in that she will always give hugs or kisses. She sometimes like to exert her independence and say "no" and back away. I will also say that when she is feeling affectionate it's so sweet! She will come up to us while we're standing talking or doing the dishes and hug our legs or come lay her head on our lap if we are sitting at the couch. She is very good at blowing kisses and waving bye bye.
She is starting to whine more often. We are really working on getting her to use her words instead of whining for things. It's sooooo cute when she says please! It's still more of a "peas" and it's in this soft gentle high pitched voice.
This little sister loves her big sister. She calls her "Li-ly" and it's quite possibly the cutest thing ever! Since moving into our new place they have been sharing a room and our rock stars at it! The other day they stayed the night at grandma and grandpas and Diane tried putting them in separate rooms but Kes wouldn't have it. She kept saying "Li-ly, Li-ly" until she moved her pack n play in with Lydia. 
A not so sweet but kind of funny yet still obnoxious and sad thing that captures this stage is Kesid's tendency to growl. If she is being bothered or Lydia tries taking a toy or pushing her out of the way you can count on a growl! Oh the anger! Lets hope that she soon learns that a harsh answer stirs up anger while a soft answer turns away wrath.
Along with growling Kesid can throw some fits! She storms off (shown in a picture below)
Kesid is mimicking lots of words really well!
She is a great walker and is eager to try whatever Lyds is doing!

Example of a fit being thrown...and there she goes stopping off. (Just so you know..we don't condone this...but pictures of it are kind of cute- right?)
 Lyds was a huge fan of the umbrella...Kes not so much! I bet a growl was happening in that picture on the right!
 Stinker faces on the left...cuties on the right!

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! Psalm 127:3-5

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  1. Your little girls are cute as buttons! My second sounds like how you described your youngest. It must be something about the second ones! They come fighting for their rights! Loved your descriptions of your sweet babies!