Tuesday, April 9, 2013

lydia: update

Once Lydia hit the 2 year mark I felt it was a little much to keep up with the monthly posts. I thought it would be easier to do updates every couple of months. This one is a little over do.

Here's what our funny 28 month old is doing. (these pictures will start with oldest (so when she was younger) to newest...confusing? good!)

Lyds is a sweet girl! Her hair is getting long and her baby cheeks are slimming up. Her laugh is contagious and her smile melts me! I LOVE this girl!

She is really into asking if people are girls or boys. She will ask "momma a girl? yeah momma's a girl. daddy a girl? NO! daddy a boy. grandma a girl? yeah grandmas a girl....etc." One night she woke up around midnight, I went in to get her back to sleep and she asked me in a super cute sleepy voice "Lydia a girl?"

Favorite songs: wheels on the bus!, I'm in the Lord's army, If you're happy and you know it, and all the old classics.

Favorite books: Dogger, good night moon, what is the gospel (sojourn kids book), puff the magic dragon, where's waldo.

Lydia is such a talker. Usually as soon as she's up she's gibbering on about something. Sometimes its coherent and other times its not!

We do a preschool group once a week with a few other kids from our church. Lydia LOVES preschool. During this time we have about 30 minutes of structured time with the kids where they work on sitting on a mat and listening to a lesson while also doing activities to reinforce what we are learning (colors, shapes, numbers, etc). All week she will talk about it and ask about the other kids. I love that she enjoys learning and her friends!

We are really trying to work on doing things with a happy heart. Not whining or being rude. If Lydia is rude I often will tell her "love is not rude, love is kind"...she is so cute when she repeats it back to me. Our pastor just preached through 1 Corinthians 13 and I was super convicted by my lack of love. Praying that the Lord would produce a heart full of love in me as well as Lydia.

Lydia will often say that she is scared of something. This will happen at really random times. She will be playing fine and then all of the sudden run over to us and say "I scared, I scared." We have been trying to let her know that there is nothing to be afraid of. She has learned the Psalm that says "when I am afraid, I will trust in GOD!"

It is hard to see Lydia's sin and see the areas that she most struggles in because it's often the areas that we most struggle in. I'm thankful though that the Lord gives us these little mirrors to show us just how much we need HIM. I am weak on my own but it is in my weakness that HIS strength is made perfect! I pray that I am not quick to hide my weaknesses from Lydia and Kesid but rather quick to repent and point them to the one who is STRONG!

Patrick and I have mentioned a few times recently how have tried to freeze little moments in our mind...focusing on a moment trying to forever imprint it in our memory. One of these moments made me cry. I was laying with Lydia one night while we were putting her to bed. I had my nose up to her pinky (she was sucking her thumb) and she took her other hand and put it right on my cheek. It was such a sweet tender little touch and I just started tearing up. I am trying hard to treasure these days because they are going so fast! She'll be big before I know it.

Another favorite of mine is at bed time we will tell each other secrets. I whisper that I love her all the way to the moon and all the way back. She will whisper it back and it's just so sweet. She always makes sure that she whispers it in both ears :).

I am sure there is a lot I'm forgetting that I'd want to remember about Lydia right now but it's getting late and I'm tired. I'll add more later if I remember :)

We love you Lyder Bugs!!

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  1. Oh, what a sweetheart! I love the "secret" sharing - so cute!